The decision to make a rum barrel aged maple syrup was a simple one. While are several delicious bourbon barrel maple syrups on the market, we believed that the barrels that were home to Seven Caves award winning rums would be an even better take.

As with everything we do at Seven Caves, we start with a search for the perfect natural ingredients.  We had several maple producers send us samples of a variety of different styles. After sampling close to a dozen, hands down our favorite was one producer’s grade A, robust taste, dark color variant. While all of this producer's syrups were fantastic, this one stood out as a perfect match to the rum barrels.

After adding the syrup to our freshly emptied rum barrels, and aging it for a period of time in our shop, the maple was ready to be be bottled and sold to you.

We believe this maple syrup to be one of the best available on the market today and we hope you feel the same.