The first of this series is our unaged Agave Spirit.  The spirit is the result of weeks of methodical research and tasting raw agave syrups sourced from Mexico, crafting them onsite with specially selected yeasts and distilling into preliminary batches.  A variety of these house made raw agave spirits were then blended and allowed to mature while undergoing the proofing process.  We believe our lengthy proofing process and blending over a long period of time led to the depth of the resulting spirit.  While not a traditional tequila, we believe this Agave Spirit is unique to the world, and a first in San Diego.

While we won't spoil the surprises we have in store for this series, suffice to say, some really interesting and innovative spirits are in the works. 

awards and accolades


2019 American Distilling Institute

Silver Medal


2019 Distilled Festival

Bronze Medal